TIISA Young Scholars Paper Award

For PhD and PhD-equivalent Students, Young Professionals and Early Career Researchers

The EU Jean Monnet Network;  Trade & Investment in Services Associates (TIISA) is offering a Paper Award for a policy research paper on any topic related to international trade and investment in services.  The topic of the paper will have some relevance for or application to the process of economic integration in services, including in the European Union.  The Award is offered once every six months.   

Papers submitted must not yet be published in a formal manner (for example, in a book or journal, including an online journal), nor yet submitted for publication.  The winning papers must be available to be published as a TIISA Discussion Paper or TIISA Working Paper on www.tiisa.org The winner will receive a certificate and commendation to the effect that they are winner of the award.  The winner will be asked to note this award when the paper is published in any subsequent format. The winner will also receive a payment of Euros 5,000.  In the case of a co-authored paper, the award will be equally divided among the authors.  

In addition:

    • a second runner-up award may be granted of Euros 3,000 and 
    • a third award my be granted of Euros 2,000.

The Selection Committee reserves the right to withhold the awards should the applications not meet potential PhD equivalent academic quality requirements and/or address the TIISA subject matter.

The winning papers will be officially announced in the context of  the annual TIISA Conference and PhD Workshop.  Winning authors can apply for funding to attend the Conference and present their papers in person – papers can alternatively be presented via video-link.


An Academic Selection Panel is responsible for the selection of the winning paper.  The panel comprises:   

Professor Joseph Francois, World Trade Institute, The University of Bern, Professor Xingquan Tu, UIBE , Professor Hein Roelfsema, Utrecht University, Emeritus Professor Christopher Findlay, The University of Adelaide. Coordinator of the work of the selection panel: Sarah Warner, Institute for International Trade, The University of Australia.


The paper must address issues related to international trade and investment in services.  Where possible, it is anticipated that the issues will have relevance to the process of economic integration in services and to be relevant to current issues in the European Union. The author(s) of the paper should possess or be engaged in the process of gaining a PhD or PhD-equivalent degree, be a young professional or a researcher at an early stage of their career.  Applicants will be asked to provide a statement from their supervisor or a senior colleague to establish that this condition is met.  In the case of co-authored papers, this requirement shall apply to at least one author. To be considered for the award, essays cannot exceed 10,000 words.


The winning essays will be published in the TIISA Discussion Paper or TIISA Working Paper Series on www.tiisa.org. Prize winners will also be invited to present their essays at the next TIISA Annual Conference or alternative appropriate TIISA research workshop or policy roundtable.  If appropriate, travel to the TIISA Conference or alternative event will be covered separately.  It is the expectation that the author(s) will endeavour to secure additional publication of the contribution in a journal, book or some other recognised academic outlet. 


All submissions should be emailed to sarah.warner@adelaide.edu.au. Submissions should include as separate attachments in PDF format: 

  1. the written paper 
  2. the CV of the author(s), specifying (i) date of birth of the author[s] (ii) current affiliation(s), (iii) where relevant the academic institution awarding the PhD, (iv) where relevant the year (or the expected year) of the PhD
  3. supporting letter from a supervisor or senior colleague.

WINNERS: Young Scholar Papers

Round 1 2020
Zhuoran BaiCentral University of Finance and Economics, Beijing China
Shuang Meng Central University of Finance and Economics, Beijing China
Zhuang Miao Central University of Finance and Economics, Beijing China
Yan ZhangCentral University of Finance and Economics, Beijing China
Olaronke Toyin OnanugaCentre for Economic Policy and Development Research, Ogun State, Nigeria
Solomon Abayomi OlakojoUniversity of Ibadan, Ibadan
Round 2 2021No eligible candidates
Round 3 2021
Josh De-LyonUniversity of Oxford & CEP
Ziyaad Ebrahim The University of Adelaide