TIISA Seminar

The impact of servicification on global supply chains in the Asean Region: Dynamics, restrictions, and policy Implications

Presenters: Hein Roelfsema (Utrecht University) and Christopher Findlay (University of Adelaide) 

Commentator: Ingo Borchert (University of Sussex)

Moderation: Xinquan Tu (University of International Business and Economics, China Institute of WTO Studies)

 June 8, 10AM CET (Onine)


International trade in services, especially via exports from emerging markets, is increasingly being channelled through the embedding of services in the export of goods. These goods include intermediate products, which are elements of Global Value Chains (GVCs). By using the new 2018 release of the database WIOD, we highlight these trends and we note the differences in forms of services exports between developed countries and emerging markets. Also while the tensions related to the design of GVCs are at the top of the policy agenda, due to the current crisis, there is as yet limited attention for the role of services in building GVCs - see for example the limited attention on services in the recent World Development Report.  This seminar seeks to contribute by highlighting the role of services in GVCs for ASEAN countries and by linking that role to policy initiatives and to trade liberalisation, using the recently updated STRI data.

Christopher Findlay