2021 Annual Conference & PhD Workshop

The project brings together leading academics and key institutions in domestic regulation and global governance of international services trade and investment flows to form a transnational consortia of academics across Europe, Australia and Asia.

The hybrid TIISA Annual Conference is on the theme of “Trade and the digital transformation of services”. The COVID-19 crisis has seen an acceleration of the digital transformation of services and a rise in remote delivery of services both within and across borders. There is consequently an impetus to update trade policy and regulatory frameworks to unleash the potential for the digital transformation to support sustainable growth and job creation all over the world. Against this backdrop we invite papers covering, but not limited to, the following topics:

  • The digital transformation of services and the WTO rule book
  • The digital transformation of services: lessons from free trade agreements and digital economy agreements
  • Digital transformation, services trade and jobs
  • Innovation, entrepreneurship and the development of new digital services
  • Regulatoryimpacton data-driven innovation in (digital) services (e.g. data and privacyprotection, GDPR)
  • The role of competition and competition policy in shaping global digital services markets
  • Sector studies of digital transformation and trade (e.g. finance, telecom, media, health, education)


8-9 November 2021 PhD Workshop
10-12 November 2021 Conference

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Sponsored by Erasmus+, Hosted by AI-Econ Lab, Örebro University, Sweden; partner Ratio and Swedish Entrepreneurship Forum.

Call for papers (now closed)

The AI-Econ Lab at Örebro University in association with the RATIO institute and Entrepreneurship Forum invite you to the 2021 annual conference of the TIISA network. The themes this year is trade and the digital transformation of services.


4 October – Submission deadline
Submit abstracts (< 250 words) to conf-ai-econlab@oru.se
8 October – Selection, based on abstracts.
24 October – Papers due, then sent to discussants


Contact information

Magnus Lodefalk (initiator)

Associate Professor, Economics,  Örebro University; Ratio Institute, Stockholm; Global Labor Organization, Germany.

E-mail: magnus.lodefalk@oru.se

Hildegunn Kyvik-Nordås, (co-initiator)

Professor, Economics, Örebro University, Sweden; Council on Economic Policies, Switzerland.

E-mail: Hildegunn.Kyvik-Nordas@oru.se


Örebro University School of Business 

The Ratio Institute  is an independent and multidisciplinary research institute in Stockholm, Sweden, with a research focus on conditions for enterprise.

Swedish Entrepreneurship Forum is a network organization for initiating, conducting and communicating policy relevant research in the field of entrepreneurship, innovation, business dynamics and growth.