TIISA 2020 Conference: “Servicification”

TIISA 2020 Conference was held 9 November – 13 November. Joined online by attendees in India, Philippines, New Zealand, Kenya, Europe and more! 

Co-hosted with University of International Business and Economics’ China Institute for WTO Studies and The University of Adelaide’s Institute for international Trade (IIT)

Working together, IIT and UIBE have provided an accessible way for the Jean Monnet Network on Trade & Investment in Services Associates to come together as a Research Network to conduct an online Annual Conference format.

Joined by leading experts from across the globe, presentations, interactive discussions on the impact of “servicification” and webinar recordings available below:

Day 1 Monday 9 November : Servicification: Drivers and Trends 
Click HERE to watch webinar

Day 2 Tuesday 10 November : Servicification: Current Issues and Case Studies
Click HERE to watch webinar

Day 3 Thursday 12 November: Servicification: Digitalisation of Services
Click HERE to watch Nigel Cory’s video presentation
Click HERE to view Nigel Cory’s ppt presentation 

Day 4 Friday 13 November: Servicification: Implications for International Trade Governance
Click HERE to watch webinar