TIISA 2020 Annual Conference – Trade & Investment in Services

The University of Adelaide’s Institute for international Trade and the University of International Business and Economics’ China Institute for WTO Studies

Invite you to join us for the TIISA 2020 Annual Conference on Trade and Investment in Services between 9 and 13 November 2020.

Join leading services experts from across the globe and learn about the impact of "servicification" in one of our face-to-face or online sessions.

TIISA 2020 Annual Conference on Trade & Investment in Services – Theme Servicification

  • Digitalisation of Services
  • Current Issues & Case Studies
  • Drivers and Trends
  • Implications for International Trade Governance

Monday 9 November – Friday 13 November

5.30pm – 7.00pm (Adelaide)
6.00pm – 7.30pm (Canberra)
3.00pm – 4.30pm (Beijing)
8.00am – 9.30am (CET)
7.00am – 8.3am (London)